Celebrate Chinese New Year live with a family in Beijing

A unique and exclusive opportunity for students to experience Chinese New Year with a local family in Beijing.

Duration : 60 mins     Max Size : 500     Destination : China  

Category : Special Events     Recommended For : Schools

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 Time: 11.10 am -12 pm  GMT / 7-8 pm Beijing local time. ( Dates: February 2021)

Experience Chinese New Year straight from China with this live-streamed, interactive, virtual tour where you will be able to take part in the festivities, first-hand, with a local family in Beijing.

In the Chinese calendar, new year marks the start of the Lunar year with the start of the new moon. The Chinese new year will be celebrated over 16 days ending with the lantern festival.

On this special session, you will be welcomed into the family of Miss Lui Ping in Beijing. The family will explain the many local traditions and customs around Chinese New Year so you can gain an insight into the spirit of the festival, like never before. You will be shown around the house so you can see the various decorations. You will also be taken into the kitchen where you can see traditional dishes being cooked- including mouth-watering dumplings. An important cultural tradition involves hanging Antithetical couplets ( also called duì lián) on the doors. Couplets include two phrases written as calligraphy on vertical red banners and it is typically the custom to hang one on each side of a door. Ms. Ping will demonstrate how antithetical couplets are put up on the door.

After we have spent time with Ping's family in Beijing, we will take you to the house of another of her family members who lives in the countryside. Here you will get to participate in the traditional fireworks that are a part of the celebrations.

It is customary in China for adults to give a red envelope with money to children. We are going to have a spin on this tradition for this session. At the end of the session, we will be encouraging attending students to write a new year message on a red letter (in Chinese) addressed to children in China. T

We hope this experience stays etched in students minds forever.

Your Presenter

  Liu Ping

Liu Ping reflects the true spirit of China's dynamic growth as someone who worked in phosphorous mines as a teenager and then educated herself to become a teacher, an english language interpreter and eventually an entrepreneur. A global speaker, Liu is passionate about showcasing the real China to the rest of the world. Liu lives in Beijing and is the author of 'My Chinese Dream-From Red Guards to CEO'.

How it works

This is a completely virtual tour lasting 60 minutes which will be live-streamed from China. Once you book the tour, we will send you a Zoom link which can be used by every student. Please note that you do not have to download Zoom to access the session, and only need to follow the link on the date and time confirmed. You can access the session from your mobile, laptop or desktop.

What you need

You will need a stable internet connection and a mobile device (ideally a desktop or laptop) to stream the session

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