Private tour of Alexander gardens and the Kremlin

Take a historical walk through Alexander gardens and the exterior of Kremlin.

Duration : 60 mins     Max Size : 6     Destination : Russia  

Category : Tours & Experiences     Recommended For : Individuals & Small Groups


Each time you talk about Russia, there always seems be something you missed seeing last time or some place you hadn’t heard about before. That’s the charm of this city. If you’ve been to Moscow, you’ve probably visited St. Basil’s Cathedral, Kremlin Palace, Red Square, Tsar Cannon and Bell and Gorky Park, and even seen the city’s exquisitely designed metro stations. Did it ever occur to you that there must be more to this historical city? Our walk takes you through the bylanes of history as we pass Manege Square, Alexander Gardens and the Exterior of Kremlin.

We begin our walk in front of a quirky display of Italian artist Guiseppe Arcimboldo’s portrait still life works, wherein he uses fruits, vegetables, plants, leaves and flowers to ‘paint’ kings and queens. As you look around, you’ll find Manege Square is expansive with people leisurely walking by, eagerly waiting for a time when festivals and celebrations will liven up the area with trading stalls, Christmas markets and winter-themed snacks and beverages. If you’re as keen as them to get past the pandemic era you might want to make a wish at Mile Zero – the bronze plaque on the ground from where all distances are measured, and supposedly wishes come true!

Along Manege Square, you’ll easily spot the similar yet different-looking red bricks and silver roofs of the City Hall and the State Historical Museum – both showcase an enormous array of exclusive exhibits collected over decades. Around the Square, you’ll also see some of the city’s oldest and most luxurious hotels such as the Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons and the National Hotel, all housed in huge Baroque-style buildings built many centuries ago.

Our presenter then leads you to wards the Kremlin Complex, where you can easily spot the massive yellow Arsenal building that is the residence of the Kremlin regiment currently serving the President. We walk towards the Alexander Gardens through its commemorative iron grille gates and arrive at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. In memory of the marine who lost his life by successfully keeping the Nazis from getting any closer than 41km from the border, an Eternal Flame burns hour.

Small private groups will certainly enjoy a close-up view of the change of guards that happens at the memorial, every hour on the hour. Walk with us and we might just let you in on some of Moscow’s best kept secrets ;)


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  Svetlana Usmanova

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