Happy Hour session: Argentinian Wine Tasting

An exciting session for teams to learn about Argentinian Malbec Wine and engage in some wine tasting.

Duration : 60 mins     Max Size : 100     Destination : Argentina  

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With a mention in age-old scriptures and often known as the ‘Drink of the Gods’ it’s no wonder that much of the world always looks up to a good wine and discovering more about it. Ranking among the top 5 wine-producers of the globe, Argentina offers connoisseurs some of the best wines you can get on this planet. Join us for a session about the country’s native Malbec wine and learn a thing or two about how to experience this heavenly drink in the true Argentinian spirit.

Wine first found its way into this South American nation courtesy its first conquerors – the Spaniards, in the 1500s. Although it was limited to very few vineyards for a few centuries, towards the end of the 19th century, Argentina was famous for producing wines of various kinds on a large scale, including Malbec, Cabarnet Sauvignon and Cabarnet Franc among the popular ones. For the layman, wine is categorised only as red or white, or at best, rosé. But that would be an oversimplification of a complex process that goes into making this beautiful drink. For instance, wine is affected by how much direct sunlight the grapevines absorb, the altitude of the vineyards, the fertility of the soil, the temperature and dryness in the air, the kind of containers used to ferment them and even the kind of corks used to seal the bottles. With so many conditions to adhere to, the country’s wine producers set forth certain rules and regulations to be followed for wine-making in the 1980s. Ever since, Argentina is known for some extremely fine wines.

Our enthusiastic host lets you in on many a secret of how to understand a wine before actually drinking it, including how its label, colour and smell can tell you so much about the grapes, where the wine is from and what kind of taste to expect. Malbec – the only wine made from grapes sourced within the country itself, is Argentina’s national drink. Take this invigorating session to find out more about Argentina wines and be the expert at your next wine tasting session.

Your Presenter

  Charly Jacob

Charly is one of the Executive Producers at Globe from Home and brings more than two decades of experience in Tourism management into creating special travel experiences.

Charly has been involved in campaigns involving the conservation of environment and is an active team member in our Responsible Tourism projects. His other interests include listening to music and driving.

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