Mid-town Manhattan & Times Square

An exciting walk through midtown Manhattan visiting iconic buildings and vibrant Times Square.

Duration : 60 mins     Max Size : 100     Destination : New York  

Category : Tours & Experiences     Recommended For : Schools


There are some cities that have been advertised, shown in movies or sitcoms, spoken about and had their images shared on social media oh-so-many times, that even if you’ve never visited the city, you feel like you know so much about it. Manhattan, in New York probably tops that list. From its glorious skyline to the many corporate offices that have their headquarters in the region, Manhattan is famous throughout the world. Take a walk with us through mid-town Manhattan and learn a little something about each of your favourite buildings there.

Manhattan is part of five boroughs of New York, and mainly consists of the 22km long Manhattan island, along with a few smaller islands. The name is believed to have been derived from an ancient folk language where ‘Manna-hata’ meant ‘land of the hills’ for the many hills and woods that once covered the area. While mid-town Manhattan may seem quite flat as we see it, Upper Manhattan is quite hilly.

As we walk along, be prepared to spot the iconic buildings and structures that are the face of Manhattan, including the Chrysler Building, the Public Library of the city of New York and the Bank of America building among others. We also pass by the Bryant Park, and get a glimpse of the distant Empire State Building. All along, our expert host keeps you entertained with fascinating stories of each of these iconic buildings and how they came to be. We then continue onward to reach our final destination for the day – the grand Times Square. Learn about why the Square is filled with myriad number of advertisements running from door to door and from floor to ceiling on the exterior of most buildings there. You will also get to see the pint where the famous crystal ball is dropped on the eve of every New Year.

If you are a fan of Hollywood movies, or American sitcoms, you will certainly love this session and enjoy seeing some of the landmark buildings of Manhattan. Even if not a movie buff, this tour is exciting enough to keep you thoroughly engaged with the many stories that our host unfolds while strolling past each of the structures there.

Your Presenter

  Antonio Ragone

Antonio has been a New York City tour guide for nearly two decades. In this exciting ever-changing city, he believes a new experience is around the corner every time. He is always inspired by the frenetic energy, changing neighborhoods, and original characters that make up the big apple. He is fluent in English, German, Spanish, and of course, Italian – his native language. In addition to New York City, he leads tours across the United States and Europe. 

How it works

This tour has been designed specially for school children. This is a group tour that accommodates up to 100 children at a time. Once you book this experience, we will send you a confirmation email with a link to join the session.  Children and teachers can log in from their individual classes or congregate in one single class/hall and access the tour via the link provided.

What you need

You will need a stable internet connection and a mobile device (ideally a desktop or laptop) to stream the session.

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You can cancel and obtain a full refund for this session until 5 days before the date of the first session.

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