Who we are

The (R)evolutionary EdTech company using virtual 'world-schooling' as a medium for life-long learning.


Why Globe From Home

The world is facing a learning crisis. While there is significantly increased access to education globally, the learning that youngsters are gaining in the classroom is not enough to equip them with the knowledge and skills required to navigate their future.

Globe From Home is the first EdTech company to offer a ‘world-schooling’ based pedagogy through live-streamed, interactive, virtual sessions from around the planet that equip youngsters with global knowledge, social & emotional skills, and life-long learning.


Our Goals


Inspired by visionaries in Education like Sir Ken Robinson who called for an urgent need to re-imagine education, we are using ‘world-schooling’ as a medium to complement conventional learning. Through our unique pedagogy, we aim to impart holistic, life-long learning and the social & emotional skills that are critical for every youngster.


Time and money have been barriers to conventional travel, depriving 96% of youngsters of the profound learning that comes from visiting other countries and meeting other cultures. We aim to eliminate these barriers and make the world completely accessible for every youngster, through live-streamed, virtual sessions presented by our local experts from around the planet.


Create a seamless, interconnected world where learners have an appreciation of the rich tapestry of global cultures, traditions, and practices. Our overarching purpose is to make every learner a global citizen who can empathetically connect with others around the world to solve humanity’s bigger problems like climate change, educational and economic inequity.


How it Works

We combine two decades of experience in international travel with insights from leaders in education to identify impactfullearning content that is unique to different countries.

We then work closely with local experts, guides, organisations and communities from each country to shape this unique content intolive, virtual sessions that are immersive and engaging.

Our virtual sessions are live-streamed by the local presenters using video conferencing tools and can be easily accessed by learners using an internet enabled mobile device.


Meet Our Team

Rajeev Rajam Prabhakaran
Founder CEO

Sam Parker
Editor-in-Chief at Penguin Random House, UK- Advisor

Elmira Akhmerova
Presenter - Moscow

Resul Pookutty
Oscar Winner (Slumdog Millionaire) - Advisor

Laura Stasius
Producer - Peru

Anya Zhukova-Grigorchuk
Presenter- St.Petersburg

Federica Marrone
Presenter - Rome

Eugenia Solano
Executive Producer - Costa Rica

Luke Odhiambo Kagose
Presenter - Kenya

Pamela Chen
Presenter - Taiwan

Shaimaa Yahya
Producer- Egypt

Dr. Anthi Dipla
Presenter - Ancient Greece

Vinesh Vidya
Executive Producer

Nurlan Abbasov
Presenter - Azerbaijan

Faisal Babiker
Sudanese Refugee

Charly Jacob
Executive Producer

Matt Urmenyhazi
Presenter - Sydney

Sarah Bonfiglioli
Presenter - Germany

Marco Gonzales
Presenter - Peru

Pietro Visconti
Presenter - Milan

Dr.V.R Devika
Presenter - Mahatma Gandhi

Lucia S
Presenter - Argentina

Ilay Golan
Presenter - Tel Aviv

Svetlana Usmanova
Producer - Russia

Ana Abuashvili
Presenter - Georgia

Mervat Nagy
Presenter - Egypt

Liu Ping
Producer - China

Amy Van Esch
Presenter - Costa Rica

Ruty Salas Chani
Presenter- Peru

Mina Samy Fareed
Presenter - Egypt

Swapna Prabhu
Assistant Producer

Victoria Molina
Presenter- Krakow

Hector Bialostozky
Presenter- Mexico

Dr. Harikumar Bhaskar
Presenter - India

Sangeetha Ramchandar
Assistant Producer

Dan Cristian Balasoiu
Presenter - Romania

Victor Lepoutre
Presenter- Paris

Chiara Peluso
Presenter - Venice

Arafa Omran
Presenter - Egypt

Ben Shi Huabing
Presenter - Shanghai

Sergey Puchkov
Presenter - Russia

Amr Ali Hassan
Presenter - Egypt

Meg Yamagute
Presenter - Japan

Anna Samoilova

Jo Aigner

Adela Dadu
Presenter - Romania

Cihat Oral
Presenter - Turkey

Naga Subramanyam
Presenter - India

Anette Boye
Presenter - Denmark

Iker Bardaji

Tanja Krkovic

Lizbeth Cervantes

Iskender Us

Griffiths Mpuche

Antonio Ragone

Luciana Morozini

Galih Adi Putra

Anthony Gardner

Pablo .

Sreejith Balakrishnan
Yoga guru - India

Joel Mombilo