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Pioneering programs that combine live, interactive, virtual world travel, international work experience and soft skills training from international coaches to prepare young people for a global future.


The Why: The Global Youth Skills Gap


Employers who term soft skills such as communication, creativity, critical thinking, leadership, active learning, and collaboration as ‘essential’ foundational skills for jobs of the future.


Global CEOs who consider that knowledge and awareness of the wider world and the capability to operate in an international context is more important than a formal degree.


Young people around the world aged 16-24 who are not able to acquire soft skills or global awareness and are therefore considered ‘unemployable’ in a global economy.

What learners will get from our pioneering International readiness & soft skills programs

Gain International orientation

Learners will explore other countries on live, interactive visits, allowing them to develop awareness of destinations and a deep understanding of local cultural and work norms. This enables students to function effectively in an international environment. (Students can pick from among the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada, and European nations.)


Learn foundational soft skills

Our program includes sessions with international coaches and institutions based in the respective countries that focus on soft skills. Students will gain coaching on communication (pronunciation & voice, interview skills), leadership, creative thinking, and other such topics, making them competent for the global workplace.

Gain live, virtual work experience with International companies

Learners will be able to gain real life work experience with organisations based in the U.K, USA and other countries from the comforts of their homes through our live, interactive, virtual, programs. They will gain crucial soft skills and real-world experience in an international environment.


Achieve certifications to boost your career

Students who complete the program will receive a work experience certificate from an international company, as well as certifications from our partners including the Centre for International Leadership & Learning, International Communication Academy, and others helping to strengthen their CVs and job prospects..

All our programs are conducted as small group sessions that accommodate 20 learners per batch.

Our programs for undergraduates and graduates are more comprehensive and involve multiple destination orientation and soft skills coaching sessions combined with 4-8 weeks of virtual work experience.

You will also find shorter programs designed for young people who have finished high school which include destination awareness, essential soft skills and byte sized work experience (4-8 hours). These are designed to inspire young people in this age category.

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