Eco Tourism: Cultural & Heritage Ambassadors Program : Level 2 Course - 2 Weeks

This transformative program is designed to empower youth with the skills and knowledge needed to represent their local culture, customs and heritage structures to a global audience using the medium of lives-streamed tours.

Duration : 2 weeks     Max Size : 100     Destination : Oman, Egypt, India, Marrakech  

Category : Health & Education     Recommended For : Youth

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This transformative two week green skills course is designed to empower youth with the skills and knowledge needed to represent their local culture, customs and heritage structures to a global audience using the medium of lives-streamed tours. This course reimagines a sustainable future for conventional tourism which has a very large carbon footprint and is limited to only some section of society. Using this training, youth will be able to appreciate their own culture and heritage and learn how to showcase this to a global audience with minimal environmental impact.

In the first week, we lay the foundation for understanding the importance of tourism, its environmental impact, and the vital role that eco-tourism plays in shaping the future of sustainable travel. Through live virtual tours to captivating sites worldwide, we illustrate eco tourism practices that are setting new benchmarks in responsible travel. We emphasize the significance of preserving heritage and introduce you to the art of storytelling, enabling you to share these invaluable experiences effectively.


During the second week, learners dive into eco-tourism project development, enhancing their presentation and digital skills, and engage with communities to advocate for heritage preservation. The training culminates in official project presentations to learners from other countries, providing international perspectives and invaluable insights. Learners will not only refine your presentation skills but also reflect on the entire course, recognizing the pivotal role of preserving heritage, the power of storytelling, and the importance of advocating for eco tourism.By the course's end, learners be well-prepared to becoming ambassadors for sustainable travel and the guardians of cultural legacies. 





Week 1

Day 1: Understanding tourism, its impact, and its future.

Session 1: Introduction to the importance of tourism, the climate impact of conventional tourism, and the significance of eco tourism as a sustainable form of tourism for the future.

Session 2 Live Virtual Tour to a site somewhere in the world, emphasizing eco tourism practices.

Day 2: The importance of preserving heritage and the power of storytelling

Session 1 : Understanding the importance of preserving heritage sites and cultures to build a global society.

Session 2 : Live virtual tour of a heritage site known for its preservation efforts.

Session 3 : Storytelling skills training for effectively sharing the heritage experiences.

Day 3: Storyboarding for Effective Presentation

Session 1 : Introduction to storyboarding and eco tourism.

Session 2: Live virtual tour of a region known for its effective presentation of heritage through storytelling.

Session 3: Interactive workshop on creating storyboards for live virtual sessions.

Day 4: Enhancing Presentation Skills

Session 1: The art of effective presentation.

Session 2 : Presentation skills training, including digital skills for live, virtual sessions.

Day 5: Engaging Communities and Advocacy

Session 1 : The role of youth in engaging communities and advocating for heritage preservation and promotion.

Session 2 : Live virtual tour featuring youth-led heritage preservation and promotion initiatives worldwide.

Session 3 : Workshop on advocacy and engaging communities effectively.

Week 2

Days 6-8: Eco Tourism Project Development and Feedback

Participants work on their eco tourism projects, focusing on presentation and digital skills.

Daily check-ins, progress updates, and feedback sessions.

Day 9: Finalization and Project Presentation Prep

Participants finalize their eco tourism projects, incorporating feedback.

Session on digital skills and preparation for the final presentation.

Day 10: Project Presentations and Reflection

Official live presentation of sessions to learners from another country, showcasing international perspectives.

Participants reflect on the entire course, highlighting the significance of preserving heritage, effective storytelling, and advocating for eco tourism.

This revised format aligns with the importance of eco tourism, emphasizes the preservation and presentation of heritage, and enhances the skills required to promote local heritage through live virtual sessions.

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  Globe From Home Team

This program is organised by Globe From Home.

How it works

This program is designed for youth (aged 15-24) from all educational backgrounds (formal, informal and non formal). The courses are run as cohorts with limited number of seats. Please contact Globe From Home for details of next batches.

What you need

You will need a stable internet connection and a mobile device (ideally a desktop or laptop) to stream the session.

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