Globe From Home Academy

We are empowering disadvantaged youngsters worldwide with a free
training program based on our unique world-travel based pedagogy
that equips them with language proficiency, knowledge, cognitive
and social skills.


Of the 1.3 billion young people (aged 15-24) worldwide, 267 million are currently not in education, employment, or training- young women being the most effected. This means they are not gaining work experience, not receiving an income from work, and not gaining education and skills.

According to the World Bank, of the one billion more youth that will try to enter the job market in the next decade, 600 million will not find formal jobs, leaving most of them experiencing poverty. This does not take into account those who are categorised as ‘underemployed’- youngsters in poor communities who undertake any work they can find, resulting in vulnerable employment and working poverty. The pandemic and resulting global economic challenges have further compounded the crisis.

Providing functional skills and knowledge to youngsters is key to reversing the global youth unemployment crisis.

At the Globe From Home Academy, we are using our unique world-travel based pedagogy to offer a free six month training program that is designed to equip disadvantaged youngsters with language proficiency, cognitive, social & emotional skills. Through the program we endeavour to instil confidence amongst learners and help better their chances of employment.

How it Works

The program is open to any disadvantaged youngster between the ages of 16-24 from any part of the world, who has not received formal education after class 12/ A level/ or relevant.


Learners are grouped together in batches of not more than 50 students based on their location and background.

Similar to our other sessions for schools, this training programis delivered live through video conferencing tools. Learners can access the program using any mobile device with an internet connection. We appreciate that not all learners will have access to mobile devices. To solve this challenge, we partner with social enterprises in different countries who can offer facilities for learners to learn together.

The program is delivered over 24 to 48 weeks and comprises of 50 one-hour sessions covering English language learning, 10 one-hour sessions covering subjects and 5 one-hour cultural orientation sessions. Language training sessions are conducted over the weekends and aschedule is provided for the other sessions which are conducted during the week so that learners can undergo the program flexibly.


What the program covers

Language skills

Language proficiency- especially in English, opens up a world of opportunities for youngsters (especially those in non-English speaking countries who are not in formal education.) Using our unique methodology which combines language learning with destination, and cultural orientation, we aim to make youngsters confident in conversational English.

Cognitive skills

We offer learners free access to our livestreamed sessions from around the planet.

Students will gain knowledge through our curriculum-based sessions that are mapped to subjects including Geography, History, Citizenship, Art & Music.

Social & Emotional skills

Students will participate in our unique cultural exchange sessions and have the opportunity to interact with others around the world.

These sessions help develop social and empathetic skills. Learners will also be exposed to topics that foster creativity, problem solving and critical thinking.

Employment support & Internship program

We are working with employers around the world who are committed to empowering youthand provide opportunities to learners who complete our 6-month program.

In addition to this, Globe From Home is committed to absorbing a select number of those completing the program into our six month Internship program where they will be provided on-the-job training and find long term employment with us. Those accepted into the program will be paid a stipend during the internship

To enrol or nominate a deserving youngster for our program, email us at

If you are a social enterprise or Corporate who is interested in partnering with us to deliver the benefits of this program to youngsters, please contact us on