Who can use the Globe From Home Climate Program

Schools & Universities

Immersive climate education to help students
in Secondary Schools (Grade 6-12) and Universities, reduce their personal carbon footprints and that of their educational institution, besides engaging in global community action projects.


Climate and Sustainability education that aims to help employees across all levels in an organization reduce their personal carbon footprints and be an integral part of their company's 'net zero' goals.

Government Bodies

Aims to offer City and Town Councils, County and State Governments holistic climate and sustainability awareness to help influence policy level changes and engage with citizens tomobilise climate action.


What makes this program unique


How it works

Delivered live using video conferencing tools, the program comprises 8 one-hour sessions which take learners to different countries virtually. The sessions are typically delivered over a period of two weeks but can be delivered around the schedule of Organisations.

Learners can access the program using any internet enabled mobile device. In the case of Corporations and Governments, the programs are conducted in small group sessions that accommodate a maximum of 100 learners per batch. Schools and Universities have the option of availing an interactive webinar format which accommodates a limitless number of participants.