Register Free and equip your students to be true Global Citizens.

We are on a mission to make ‘world-schooling’ accessible to every K-12 school. Register free and avail a selection of live, virtual sessions

Free sessions:

  • Participation in our International Classroom Exchange sessions where students can connect and interact with students in other countries and exchange culture and ideas.
  • Participation in overseas volunteering trips.
  • Participation in global events attended by schools around the world.

‘Pay-as-you-go’ sessions:

  • Private curriculum-based sessions that complement teaching of subjects including Geography, History, R.E., PSHE/ Citizenship, Art & Music, Business Studies.
  • Private virtual sessions that complement Modern Foreign Language teaching.
  • Live virtual visits to world heritage sites and other important places.
  • Live virtual visits that complement events in the school year.
  • Live, virtual school trips to different countries.
  • Live, virtual sessions for teaching staff.