International Readiness & Soft Skills Program-U.K. (Ages 8-15)

5 sessions. An international awareness and soft skills program to prepare children for a global future.

Duration : 300 mins     Max Size : 30     Destination : United Kingdom  

Category : International Readiness Programs     Recommended For : Individuals

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The understanding of other countries and cultures, as well as soft skills, is vital for youngsters to adapt to an increasingly globalised world. There is an urgent need to complement classroom based education with such knowledge in order for the next generation to be better prepared to navigate a global future. On this pioneering International Readiness & Soft Skills program which uses live, world travel as a medium, your child will gain;

International Orientation

Gain familiarisation with life in the United Kingdom. Students will visit London on live, interactive, virtual sessions with our local experts, making them familiar with the country and its daily life.

Also included is an aspirational tour of Oxford University that will inspire children to look towards the many possibilities that lie ahead for them.

Soft Skills training

Soft skills training conducted by International coaches that include effective communication, intercultural competence, creativity, social & emotional skills, problem solving and team work. These include;

Effective communication skills through Drama

In this live, classroom-based session by the International Drama academy in the U.K., students will learn effective communication skills using drama, story-telling, voice and breathing techniques.

Intercultural competence, social & emotional skills

A live, virtual, International Student Exchange where learners will collaborate with students in the U.K. and gain social & emotional skills, intercultural competence and problem-solving skills.

Creative skills on a Harry Potter-inspired quest

On this live, interactive, virtual quest students will visit sites in London relevant to the Harry Potter series and use creative skills and teamwork to solve a puzzle.


Certificates from the Centre for International Learning & Leadership, International Drama Academy, U.K. International Readiness & Soft Skills program completion certificate.

Your Presenter

  Globe From Home Team

This program is organised by Globe From Home.

How it works

The program comprises of 5 separate one-hour sessions conducted over five days (over two weeks). This is a group workshop which accommodates up to 50 students.

What you need

You will need a stable internet connection and a mobile device (ideally a desktop or laptop) to stream the session.

Cancellation Policy

This program is non refundable as it is booked well in advance.

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